Dorset Heritage Museum

Committee Members

Heritage Day 2013 Part 2 4Positive response led our committee to plan the concept of the ‘living museum’ that is reflected in our goal to CARE about pioneer life in our community. The goal is to show our residents, and traveling visitors that we CARE about our past, present and future. We want to:

  • Celebrate and communicate our historical significance
  • Appreciate the contributions of our ancestors
  • Revitalize our community
  • Educate our children and visitors through exciting activities

Dorset Heritage Museum Management Committee Volunteer Members

  • Kerry Lock – Chairperson
  • Laila McGuire Secretary
  • Norman MacKay – Past Chair
  • Lisa Barry, Council Rep. Algonquin Highlands Township
  • Julie Shortreed, Council Rep. Algonquin Highlands Township
  • Barb Kostenuk
  • Lee Payne
  • Pat Zwaall
  • Gord Henderson