Dorset Heritage Museum

Dedicated to Dorset

The following poem was written by M. Elizabeth Wettlaufer (Allan) McEachern and her sister Margaret Wettlaufer (Alexander) McKay ages 17 & 18. Margaret was married to Alexander McKay and living on Harvey Ave. Her sister Elizabeth came to stay with her and later married Allan McEachern and they lived at the corner of County Rd 12 & 8.

In hills and forests hidden Mid rivers, dale and wilds Where flowers bloom unbidden There is where Dorset lies

In spring time’s budding splendor

The violets sweetly grow And in the glorious sunshine The rippling waters flow

So green the hills and mountains As they majestic stand By the Almighty’s bounties Our little Dorset stands

Amid its hills and valleys The water shimmering lies The moon in all its splendor Sails calmly in the skies

Dorset, the home of maples Of rocks and mountains tall However small and homely We love you with it all

P.S. And when the wind is blowing With snow and ice and sleet In Alex McKay’s kitchen Is a safe and warm retreat


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