Dorset Heritage Museum

Short Stories and Memories from the Dorset Heritage Museum


The International Harvesters truck was ordered from Toledo Ohio in 1913 by

HIRAM BARRY.  It was number 802 to have been built.  It was shipped to Hamilton Ontario,

and then sent on to Huntsville.  It arrived in Huntsville in February 1913.  It

was such an occasion that the Huntsville Band was brought out to meet the new arrival.

The new motor wagon was driven over the ice of Fairy and Peninsula Lakes,

across the height of land between North and South Portage, then

across the ice of the Lake of Bays to Dorset.

two men traveled with the International, one to teach Mr. Barry to drive it, the

other gentleman was to teach him how to fix it! The payment these two

gentlemen wanted was to be taken on a few fishing trips; for they had read how

great our lakes and area were for fishing and hunting.

The main use for the International at that time was to cadge supplies into the

Lumber Camps.

Hiram Barry owned and operated Dorset’s first garage and his family still do today!

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