Dorset Heritage Museum

Show Time at the Leslie Frost Centre

A past memoryfilm reel photo from Lorna Cassie – Bywater…

Wednesday evenings during July and August in the 1950’s were looked forward to with great anticipation by the kids in my family.  Our parents piled us all into their old station wagon for the drive to the Frost Centre.  A room was set up with folding chairs facing a large movie screen.  Each child tried to get a seat closest to the front row where we thought we’d have the best view.  Films for the family entertainment were projected onto the screen the moment the lights went out.  We sat entranced for an hour and a half watching cartoons, Lassie, Roy Rogers and even some educational National Film Board presentations on Lakes and Forest Life.  Whatever was shown we loved and never complained.

After all, movie night was free!  What more could a child possibly ask for?  Frost Centre

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