Dorset Heritage Museum

Special Projects

Photo of Anishinaabeg Winter Camp diorama Special Project completed in 2018

All monies donated to the Dorset Heritage Museum’s Special Projects Fund could be used for the Special Project Ideas listed below.  Some of these projects are a work in progress, and some are  a dream we want to fulfill.  When one is completed we add new ideas.

All require Committee & Council of Algonquin Highlands approval.

Building Extension   Completed!  Ready for your visit!

Outdoor Exhibits Farm equipment restoration in progress, ongoing

First Nations Exhibit Enhancement
Update current display in stages, phase one area mapping complete 2015 ✅ diorama is complete✅

New Signage
or our exhibits, to give a more professional, cohesive look throughout the museum. Done✅

Educational Research
To provide research opportunities to be conducted specifically around the involvement and contribution of members of our First Nations.

Pioneer Memory Tour
Written as a guide it would provide detailed info about specific points of historical interest for the Dorset area. This guide would enable visitors and residents to plan their own leisurely walk, motor or boat tour to discover places, past and present that have historical significance.

Experiential Learning
o share the accomplishments, challenges, and hardships of pioneer living as well as providing updated information about historical events in the area. This goal would be achieved through:

  • Heritage Day (July 1st Saturday of the holiday weekend, annual)
  • Bread making, butter churning, jam making
  • Good Old School Days
  • Emergencies on ‘Pill Hill’, Dorset’s First Aid Post 1920
  • Trapping on the frontier
  • Memories of a steamship Captain… Iroquois, Mohawk Belle, Bigwin, or Maple Leaf

Historic Cemetery Visit
Talk with real settlers in authentic costume

Speak With A Tower Ranger                                                                                            
On the history of the Dorset Fire Tower

University Link Program
Research on a variety of subjects

Memorial Wall and Donation Program
The Dorset Heritage Museum gratefully acknowledges gifts to the Museum by the placement of donor names In Memory Of, and Financial Supporters .  As an example for the In Memory Of, the museum has been listed as a place to donate to by some individuals when their loved one passes.  You can also donate posthumously in order to have a name placed there. Financial Supporters is where we list all who support the museum and our programming.  A tax receipt is provided. These wonderful gestures are gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.

We also have a book in the reception area that lists all of our volunteers that have worked or contributed in some way to the museum over the years.