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The First Tooth Pulled… a memory from Lenly Barry

The first time Lenly Barry had  a tooth pulled out was by the Doctors and Dentists that used  to come each year to hunt in the Dorset area.

The doctors traveled to Dorset by boat.   The Algonquin or the Ramona, then across the Portage on the little steam engine, The Portage Flyer, to the Iroquois, or the Mohawk Belle.  People always knew the day they were coming out from their hunting camps.  The doctors would spend the day at the Dorset Hotel helping people.

That first time Lenly went down to the Hotel his mother took him and his sister Noreen.  Of course he yelled blue murder, because he thought they were going to kill him.  He said ‘I think it hurt more to cry then to get the tooth pulled’.  Then my sister started to cry.  She swore up and down the dentist got a hold of her tongue. There was no freezing then.  One fellow held your mouth open and the other pulled!    Whether they got the right teeth or not, he didn’t know, but they were always happier afterward!Dorset Hotel near the bridge on the right

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  1. Love these stories! They say his daughter was named after me.
    Sherry aka Sharon Lee

  2. Hi thanks for commenting! I will pass it on to Lee when next I see her. Glad you are enjoying the stories!

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